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Your shiney new website is sitting there just waiting for visitors to be wow’d by the simple to use layout and informative pages of content but how do you get them? Pray for them? Steel them? Pay for them? Well the first and last may help but steeling visitors will never help anyone!

So; How do I get more traffic to my website?

Search engine optimisation isn't a science, its more a checklist of best practices... but even if you tick every one of them, you may trip over another that says your website is over optimised! The key thing is to get everything right in moderation, then enhance areas bit-by-bit, watching results and feeling your way through to the ultimate goal. And remember, the search engines get wise to 'black hat' techniques and will adjust things to push you down the rankings - they are looking for the best results built through natural channels. If you are starting from nothing, be patient and take the small gains, until you become an authority on a topic (in the search engines eyes) there is no point pushing, changing, deleting, tweaking, moving etc... it'll just take you longer.

Its always best to promote your site in the natural results before paying. Often website optimisation companies will state and guarantee first page results. The truth is that while this is possible, to achieve this there are so many factors to take into account. There are a few key ones like ensuring that every page is clearly focused to its keywords and that code that builds the pages is clean and concise.

Page speed is now a factor and checking with the top search engines as to what they are seeing will let you gather a good idea of where you should sit without paying for one visitor.

Website optimisation is keyOn from here there are many variables that can be tweaked and fine tuned through SEO to get the best out of every page. But when you need to keep climbing up the results it then time to look into other channels like well managed and targeted paid advertising and promotion through social marketing channels and and good website designGet in touch to discuss how Astley Marketing can get the most out of your website.

When looking into search engine optimisation consider what real users will be searching for, look at how your gather the details you need and how simple it is to get in touch and investigate and challenge how other companies promote websites bad-neighbourhood linking from irrelevant pages in the internet. And finally any company that looks into optimising your website will need FTP access, use this as a test a few cowboy firms won’t ask for this... these should be companies should be avoided.


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